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Grab Crane
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Grab crane is a crane with grab bucket, widely used in ports, docks, stations, freight yards, mines and other aspects of loading a variety of bulk cargo, logs, minerals, coal, sand, stone, earth and stone.

Grab crane is a kind of automatic feeding machinery, grab it and unloading material movement is controlled by the ship unloader driver does not need auxiliary personnel, so as to avoid the heavy labor of workers, saving working time and greatly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading. Grab crane is generally divided into bridge grab crane, gantry grab crane, folding arm grab crane, usually people often say grab crane refers to folding arm grab crane, such as log crane.

Operating procedure editor

1, driver duties

1.1, the basic requirements of operation: stable, accurate, fast, safe and reasonable.

1.2. Familiar with the main parameters, use, equipment, operation methods and maintenance requirements of the crane.

1.3, strictly abide by the "crane driver" Zhongtian car basic operation and safety technology and maintenance requirements.

1.4. The crane must issue a warning signal before starting each time.

1.5, the driver must work closely with the hook, step by step. Moving and lifting heavy objects should only listen to the signal issued by the hook, but the "stop" signal should be stopped immediately no matter who sends it.

1.6, the controller should be started step by step, before the mechanism is completely stopped running, the controller is not allowed to move directly from the forward to reverse, reverse braking. In case of emergency, the controller can be hit in the reverse gear for braking.

1.7. Skilled use of fire extinguishers.

2. Crane instructions

2.1. The crane operator should operate the crane.

2.2. When the crane works, no one is allowed to stay on the crane.

2.3, crane with heavy load operation, at least higher than the weight of the line of the highest obstacle 0.5 meters.

2.4, prohibit throwing items directly from the crane.

2.5. No flammable articles are placed on the crane. Tools and spare parts must be placed in special boxes, not allowed to casually placed on the cart or car, so as not to fall.

2.6. It is forbidden to lift heavy objects across the head.

2.7, in operation, found that crane abnormal phenomenon, must immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting after work.

2.8, crane lifting brake suddenly failure, the driver should be calm and calm, according to specific circumstances to take appropriate measures. If the surrounding environment is not allowed to be suspended objects fall directly, you can repeatedly lifting, and start a large car, choose a good place to be suspended objects fall, do not let them fall freely.

2.9. When lifting the grab, the hoisting rope should be equal to the opening and closing rope speed, so as to make the wire rope force evenly.

2.10. The grab is not allowed to grab the whole object.

2.11. Check the fastening situation of the rope at the grab hanger before the work, and guide the opening and closing rope of the grab rope.

3, the end of the duties of the driver

3.1. After the grab crane is finished, the grab bucket will be placed on the ground and suspended.

3.2. Stop the total power switch in the protection box.

3.3, check the institutions, and according to the provisions of lubrication.

3.4, crane in operation and inspection of the problems and treatment should be recorded in the handover manual. Can leave the crane to shift the driver behind the succession at the same time.

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