Floating Crane

Floating Crane
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Floating crane is a fixed crane installed on a special ship or ship. The machine adopts pulley block compensation to realize the horizontal displacement of goods, realizes the whole load amplitude change, and has high operation efficiency. According to user needs, can make use of variable frequency control agencies more flat on reliable operation.

Design norm:

The floating crane (wire rope luffing) according to the <GB3811-2008 crane design specifications and (GB6067-2010 hoisting machinery safety regulations) design and manufacture.

Application range:

The floating crane (wire rope luffing) can be carried out between between ship and ship handling operations, its light weight, less land occupation, high efficiency operation good qualitative Gu, poison, flexible operation, is ideal equipment for loading and unloading of inland lakes. It is applicable to dock and wharf engineering construction work Jun equation, such as grab dredger, floating sand unloader, muddy coal unloader etc.. Users can choose hook or grab hook.

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