Wholesale Fixed Pedestal Jetty Crane Manufacturers

Wholesale Fixed Pedestal Jetty Crane Manufacturers
Product Details

Applicable: river terminals, ports, all kinds of pieces of groceries loading and unloading operations, and other                                   grips can be loaded with mud.

Features: compact structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance and so on

Type of fixed crane:

(1) A fixed tower crane is a rotary arm type crane that holds a boom on top of a vertical tower. Tower cranes have a variety of specifications, lifting range from 1-15 tons, the height of up to 25-55m, such cranes can be installed on the site work, without any modification can be changed to fixed or for the rise High homework. For some models, especially large, using a spiral, or self-installing measures, can self-elevating or stretching.

(2) Deck Crane: A revolving jib crane mounted on a ship's deck for loading and unloading cargo, which is designed to shorten the ship's turnover and to minimize the time required to carry the cargo.

(3) cantilever crane: refers to the lifting device hanging in the arm end, or hanging in the cantilever can be running on the crane, the cantilever can not tilt the boom type crane.

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