Portal Jib Crane

Portal Jib Crane
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Mainly used for outdoor freight yard, yard cargo, bulk cargo handling operations. The gantry crane has the advantages of high utilization rate, wide operating range, wide adaptability and versatility. It is widely used in the port freight yard.

Its metal structure like a door frame, carrying the main beam under the installation of two legs, you can walk directly on the ground track, the main beam at both ends can have extended cantilever beam.

The span of the gantry crane is an important factor affecting the quality of the crane itself. In the selection, the span should be minimized, subject to the conditions of use of the equipment and compliance with the span series.

In the work, the external dimensions of the gantry crane and the yard cargo and transport vehicle channel should be left between the space size, in order to facilitate loading and unloading operations. General transport vehicles in the span of loading and unloading, should be maintained with the door legs are more than 0.7m spacing. Spreader should not work with the transport vehicles should be more than 0.5m spacing, the goods through the door when the legs should be more than 0.5m spacing.

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