Jetty Crane

Jetty Crane
Product Details

This product is suitable for ports, small and medium-sized wharf, can also be applied to the library, stack or barge for grocery loading and unloading operations.

This machine is a single-arm type, can do 360-degree rotation, the machine has high efficiency, safe and reliable, simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, low energy consumption, low noise, no pollution, National ports, terminals and other loading and unloading operations.


1.power plant by the motor, reducer, clutch, brakes, rope and wire rope and other components. The motor is also equipped with thermal switch, to prevent the motor overheating and burned; reducer for the two-stage gear deceleration, fixed to the motor; clutch, the motor is equipped with a motor, The brakes are integral with the flies, but the clutch is in a disengaged condition to achieve a rapid drop, and the operating brakes can control the descent speed to avoid shocks. Power unit housing the front of the open hole can be used to install the hair dryer, the user can be equipped with a hair dryer for forced cooling. 

2.the bracket part of the screw, jin nut and pole composed of the main pole and rotating arm. The rotating arm can be rotated 360 degrees on the main rod, with a trip switch on the arm end to prevent malfunctions or malfunction of the button. Operation of the button starter to achieve positive and negative motor can wire rope winding, release, and through the bracket part of the pulley lifting, the release of objects to complete the lifting operations.

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