Floating Deck Crane

Floating Deck Crane
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Floating crane is a kind of engineering ship specially engaged in lifting operation on water. It is applied widely, such as in the port used to complete the loading and unloading of goods; complete salvage in accidents; Hongkong, bridge building, complete equipment installation in all types of harbor and offshore water engineering; in the shipyard outfitting and repair equipment; in recent years with the development of offshore oil, rely on large floating crane complete the construction and installation of drilling platform. It can be seen that all the water lifting occasions need to be carried out without floating cranes.

Floating cranes are generally composed of two major parts, the lower pontoon and the superstructure above the pontoon deck. The floating crane lifting weight and used to support the weight of the hull itself by passing them on to the surface of the water, the floating crane can work independently floating on the water. In addition, also can make the floating crane along the waterway from a location navigation to another place of work, or do the horizontal movement in the same place of work, to meet the alignment point or complete crane loading and unloading cargo move horizontally etc.. The superstructure is the lifting part of a floating crane for handling or lifting cargo.

Safety operation procedure of floating crane

1. the driver shall take care of the brakes, hooks, wire ropes and safety devices during the succession. When performance is abnormal, it should be excluded before operation.

2. before driving, you must ring or alarm. In operation, close calls or alarms should also be given when approaching persons.

3. operation shall be conducted according to the command signal. An emergency stop signal shall be issued immediately, no matter who issues it.

4. the main power supply can be closed when no one is identified on or around the crane. When the power supply circuit device for locking or signs, should get rid of staff before closing the main power supply.

5. before the main power supply is closed, all controller handles shall be placed in the zero position.

6. work in a sudden power failure, the controller should handle regain all zero. Before returning to work, check that crane work is normal.

7. cranes that operate on rails shall anchor the crane at the end of the work. When the wind is greater than 6, the work should be stopped and the crane will be anchored. For cranes working on the coast, work shall be stopped when the wind is greater than 7, and the crane shall be anchored.

8. when the driver is in charge of maintenance, the main power shall be cut off and the sign or the lock shall be hung. If there is no removal of the fault, the driver shall be notified to the successor.

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