Fixed Pedestal Jetty Crane

Fixed Pedestal Jetty Crane
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The crane, the use of hooks or grab to work, can work with the loading and unloading, such as steel, bags of goods, timber and so on. When the use of multi-limb special hook, you can hang a number of goods. When the magnetic chuck with hanging scrap steel.

Fixed pedestal crane crane, the use of single-arm, wire rope and four-point contact ball slewing ring bearing structure, and set the pulley compensation device, the goods can be similar to the level of movement, to achieve full amplitude with variable amplitude, faster speed , High operating efficiency, can be 360 ° full rotation. The machine has the characteristics of novel structure, smooth transmission, high efficiency, convenient operation and low failure rate. According to user needs, can be used frequency control, the use of more stable operation of the institutions.

According to "GB3811-2008 crane design specifications" and "GB6067-85 lifting machinery safety regulations" design and manufacturing.

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