Fixed Base Crane

Fixed Base Crane
Product Details

Fixed cranes are fixed on the basis of or support the base can only work in situ cranes, divided into fixed tower cranes, deck cranes, cantilever cranes three categories.


Fixed cranes can be carried out between the shore and the ship between the loading and unloading operations, its high efficiency, good operating stability, flexible operation, is the inner river lakes ideal loading and unloading equipment. Especially for a large number of dock loading and unloading operations, the user can choose to configure the hook or grab. The use of hooks or grapples to work, can work with the loading and unloading, such as steel, bags of goods, timber and so on. When the use of multi-limb special hook, you can hang a number of goods. When the magnetic chuck with hanging scrap steel.

Technical data

Standard section section large (1500x1500), good rigidity, lifting the machine when the machine stability, swing small.

Standard section of the main limb material model (<100x100x10 or <125x125x10)

Electrical system using domestic quality or imported original, stable and reliable performance.

Standard sections of the joint sets, rods, up and down turntable and other major components (bits) all the use of CO2 gas welding, deep melting, deformation of small standard sections can be interchangeable combination.

Hoisting mechanism speed performance, lifting, down smooth, no impact.

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