Dock Arm Crane for Ship Repair Lifting, Floating Dock Crane and Jetty Crane Manufacturerer

Dock Arm Crane for Ship Repair Lifting, Floating Dock Crane and Jetty Crane Manufacturerer
Product Details

Dock Arm Crane is one manlift for ship repair equipped with floating dock, which owns full hydraulic drive system, can drive 12m arm slew by 120° and going up and down flexibly, the crane can travel along the dock rail operated by worker in the worker platform with control station, our dock arm crane will work together with portal jib crane for floating dock ensures its excellent performance, high efficient productivity in ship repair business..
Standard Design
●Full hydraulic system
●Smart & safety walkway and ladders
●Powered by diesel generator
●2 motion alarms
●Minimized wind pressure and wheel load
●Gradient 1°~ 3°design
●Berthing anchor system
●Up & down limiter
●Full frequency converters system
●Real time monitoring for traveling condition
●Outreach up to 12m
●Slewing up to 120°angle
●Auto-downing button
●Stepless speed control
●Humanized man platform design

Project Services

Before design and supply our solution to each client, we STONIMAGE team are requesting to have site inspection technically in customer's facilities, workshop, and fabrication zone, in order to find the current situation for a chance to improve and further industrial development, our engineering team are always devoted ourselves to site services, technical services and make the suitable and economic lifting solution for customer.

STONIMAGE Crane is special lifting equipment with many international compulsory standard, requires a crane owns high safety performance and operation safety as we all know. But for most of suppliers, the services items show their inadequacy in service mind. So that to choose a good services supplier will make the buyer enjoy a better experience in whole project.

Looking for dock arm crane for ship repair lifting, floating dock crane and jetty crane manufacturerer? With wide experience and expertise, STONIMAGE is well-known as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are equipped with a professional factory which can guarantee you the high quality, high precision and reliable performance of our products.