Single beam mobile gantry crane manufacturer with hydraulic system for lifting solution

Single beam mobile gantry crane manufacturer with hydraulic system for lifting solution
Product Details

Single Beam- mobile gantry crane or rubber tyred gantry crane are often used in construction site, precast yard, bridge building, power plant section and other equipment transferring shop, also used in manufacturing workshop.

According to different requirements, the single beam-mobile gantry crane can handle and transfer different weight of object and material (10T-120T) , can be matched with Mutiple points beam spreader, Cargo grab and telescopic container spreader in port.


Our Mobile gantry crane is electric drive with diesel generator with high performance and easier control. It is the best succedaneum for previous hydraulic mobile hauler in the market. And that leads to 20~ 30% cost reduce compared with hydraulic model. Now is more and more popular for customer to change the previous choice.

In the port, mainly used for outdoor cargo yard, yard cargo, bulk cargo handling. The metal structure of the utility model is like a portal frame, and two support feet are installed under the main beam, and the utility model can be directly carried on the track of the ground, and both ends of the main beam can be provided with overhanging cantilever beams. Gantry crane is widely used in the port yard because of its high utilization ratio, large range of operation, wide adaptability and versatility.

1. maximum lifting capacity 50 tons

2. European style design of light weight, low headroom, energy saving and environmental protection, lifting weight, wheel load, load distribution, suitable for occasions without the support or unilateral corbels support indoor and Outdoor Yard and workshop, the form is divided into half Longmen type and the Longmen type, convenient installation, high reliability and security.

3. box beam structure - engineering design, small deformation, compact structure, quick positioning and comfortable operation.

4. advanced technology support - automatic welding, nondestructive testing, strict inspection, with long service life and easy maintenance features.

5., control safety and comfort --- big car, the use of internationally renowned brand SEW three in one drive, Schneider /ABB frequency conversion speed, running fast and smooth. Another can be configured according to customer needs lifting frequency or double hoist operation.

6., the overall appearance of the machine is exquisite, corrosion resistance is strong - rust removal, shot blasting, welding stress elimination, the use of long-life epoxy zinc rich paint.