Customized Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Design with Double Beam

Customized Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Design with Double Beam
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Customized Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane Design with Double Beam

Double Beam mobile gantry crane or rubber tyred gantry crane are often used in construction site, precast yard, bridge building, power plant section and other equipment transferring shop, also used in manufacturing workshop.

According to different requirements, the single beam-mobile gantry crane can handle and transfer different weight of object and material (30T-250T) , can be matched with Mutiple points beam spreader, Cargo grab and telescopic container spreader in port.

Main characteristic of double beam rubber tyred  gantry crane
1. For the crane traveling, it can move in diagonal direction, 

2. It also can steer in 90 degree, can put the lifting object in any designated position according to requirements.

3. It can adjust the width of the main girder according to the material and material for handling different size.

4. Our crane owns the performance of low expense, high performance, 

5. Our crane is easy to operate and maintenance and so on. Low cost on the daily operation.

6. It adopts special design spreader to ensure there is no harm and easier to transfer one object.

Steering mode of double beam rubber tyred  gantry crane
Details:  straight movement, transversal movement, 90° steering and 360° pivot steering.


Advantages of double beam rubber tyred  gantry crane
Our Mobile gantry crane is electric drive with diesel generator with high performance and easier control. It is the best succedaneum for previous hydraulic mobile hauler in the market. And that leads to 20~ 30% cost reduce compared with hydraulic model. Now is more and more popular for customer to change the previous choice.

Standard Equipment for double beam rubber tyred  gantry crane

1) Electro-hydraulic drive system

2) Full frequency conversion
3) Stepless, easy speed control
4) Safe redar system for boat transfer
5) Dismountable design for transportation
6) Torque indicator & monitor
7) Full sets of safety limit system
8) 1.5 year warranty & 3 year for structure
9) Spare parts for two years

Installation Services
Started from lifting solution thinking, STONIMAGE crane are looking for the best economic and timesaving way to finish site installation mission, the professional technician team with much experience is undisputed most important thing to make the installation plan, in this field we require our customers to understand the importance of our installation services included in our offer to achieve the project together successfully and earlier.

STONIMAGE supplies full completed of spare parts for each crane, lifting equipment and system based on accurate design performance and predictable operation accident or trouble, this spares system will guarantee the client runs it in unconcerned plan.

STONIMAGE owns a series of various and strongly practicable accessories for customer to purchase, match its crane and material lifting


Q: How to choose a model of double beam rubber tyred  gantry crane?

A: Please tell us your industry, the lifting object and it's size and max. weight,

    we will give you a recommendation.


Q: How long about your delivery time ?

A: Generally it need about 5 months for shipping, that include FAT.


Q: Can I visit your factory ?

A: Welcome your visit. Please tell us your schedule, we will book hotel for you.


If you more questions, please contact us !