Workshop Overhead Crane

Workshop Overhead Crane
Product Details

1.detailed explanation

5 ton LH electric hoist bridge crane with electric hoist bridge crane "GB/T3695-1994" standard, the crane is mainly suitable for medium load metalworking shop, assembly workshop, metal structure workshop, workshop and warehouse and other occasions in the assembly, maintenance and handling work. Because of the change of weather factors into general 5 ton crane improvement technology, can also be used for such an open environment, the device is suitable for three-phase 50Hz power supply 380V, relative humidity is less than 85% at an altitude of less than 1000 meters. Electric hoist double beam bridge crane is not suitable for explosive and corrosive medium. It is not suitable for lifting molten metal, toxic special goods and inflammable and explosive materials.

2.main features

The bridge rail box girder, trolley traveling mechanism of the "three in one" mode of transmission, cable feed, beam end beam in a detachable bolt or lap, "called Double" use and light, intermediate working system of mechanical workshop, warehouse, yard, hydropower station maintenance, assembly and handling work. The place should conform to the technical regulations of electric hoist. "Gourd" is smaller in size. Low wheel pressure, low price, is a new type of bridge crane which is preferred by users.

3.technical parameters

Rated crane t:5

Span m:10.5 - 25.5

Mode of operation: ground control, operating room control

Lifting speed m/min:8 (8/0.8)

The running speed of the car m/min:28

Cart running speed m/min:27.35 (ground) 67.5 (control room)

Electric hoist model: CD1 (MD1)

Lifting height m:18

Working system: A4

Power supply: three phase AC 380V 50Hz

Recommended rail kg/m:P43 for large trucks

Maximum wheel pressure KN:43.9 - 70.9

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