Workshop Lifting Crane

Workshop Lifting Crane
Product Details

Various types of lifting equipment, lifting weight 0.125t ~ 2T, adapt to a wide range, especially suitable for modern production lines, its characteristics are summarized as follows:

1.Good reliability, high stability

All components of crane system is the standard module, can guarantee the high quality, mass production, so the system is very reliable; the main module of the system is rolled profile, three kinds of high strength, good rigidity, light weight, ensures the stability of the system.

2.Strong adaptability

According to the needs of the factory station, flexible design and installation of crane system, from fixed-point delivery to high accuracy, multi-point, multi beat automatic transmission line, can be combined at random. It can be used for the new design of the factory building, and also can be used for the reconstruction or extension of the old system.

3.Convenient installation, economical and efficient

Installation and commissioning of the system is very convenient, only between the profiles and each standard module connected by bolts can be used, can save the plant space and area, greatly reducing the human resources, improve production efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption, improve enterprise efficiency. The system can be operated manually, and can realize automatic and semi-automatic operation with high efficiency.

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