Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Product Details

product description

Electric wire rope hoist is the company's latest product, is a lot of experience in the accumulation and application of the latest technology on the basis of breaking the traditional design, to provide customers with a new generation of innovative products. Electric wire rope hoist compact structure, superior performance, small size, precise positioning, comfortable operation, and more secure and reliable, its all-round functional configuration and a number of patent applications to promote the electric wire rope hoist into a new era.

Functional characteristics

Hoisting motor

Designed for lifting design / two-speed hoisting motor speed ratio of 6: 1 / connection continuity rate of 60% ED / motor protection class IP55 / insulation class for the F-class (H-class optional)


Gear limit switch

Four - level screw - type limit control hook on the upper and lower limit, down - order operation and phase sequence control


Walking organization

The travel mechanism includes motor, speed and brake, this compact car motor designed for the car running, variable frequency speed as its standard configuration, variable frequency motor easy to better control load, low noise



Diameter of the drum greatly increased the life of the wire rope, reducing the left and right limits of the gourd hook, so that the clearance was greatly reduced


Frequency converter

Variable frequency drive allows users to accurately locate the load during walking, plus the safety and comfort during operation.


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