Chain Hoist Trolley

Chain Hoist Trolley
Product Details

Electric hoist is a special lifting equipment, installed in the crane, gantry crane above, electric hoist with small size, light weight, simple operation, easy to use and so on, for industrial and mining enterprises, warehousing, terminals and other places.

Electric hoist compact structure, the motor axis perpendicular to the drum axis of the electric hoist using worm gear device. Its shortcomings are: the length of large size, width of the size of large, stupid structure, low mechanical efficiency, processing more difficult. Hydraulic system for the double control, overflow control valve, magnetic contact pressure gauge can be precise control of the pressure. Electrical control sector uses a low-voltage control, increasing the security of the dominant system, there is no manufacturers to produce this type of product structure.

main feature

The advantages of wire rope electric hoist for the length of small size, the motor installed in the reel inside the electric hoist.

Structure and characteristics: The machine uses a mechanical and electrical integration design, the replacement of different molds, you can suppress the different specifications of the wire rope, easy to control, safe. Its main shortcomings for the motor cooling before the poor, poor grouping, inspection, installation, maintenance of motor convenience, power supply device complex. The electric axis of the electric wire is parallel to the drum hoist, and its wire rope electric hoist has the advantage of being small in height and length. The shortcomings of the width of the size of large, poor classification, manufacturing and assembly complex.

Wire rope electric hoist classification and description of the wire rope electric hoist components are: motor, the idea of the head, reel and sprocket. The different positions of the motor and the drum can be divided into four types. Pressed steel rope pull large, beautiful, fast, crimping a set of wire rope can be completed in just a few minutes, greatly reducing the labor intensity, improve the efficiency.

Motor installed in the reel outside the electric hoist, the advantages of good for the grouping, a high degree of generalization, change the height of the lift easily, the device test convenience.

The use of electric hoist, it can be said that a very wide range, but the right to use the advantages of electric hoist to operate the staff may be very few, I suggest here to learn more about the characteristics of electric hoist, this knowledge, Electric hoist use is better.

Application areas

Lifting, handling, loading and unloading heavy objects, oil tank flip welding, such as a variety of large and medium-sized concrete, steel structure and mechanical equipment installation and movement for construction and installation companies, factories and mines of civil engineering and bridge construction, , Automobile manufacturing, construction, roads, bridges, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnels, shaft protection and other infrastructure construction machinery and equipment.

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